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4-L offers a wide array of services in heating, air conditioning, plumbing and mechanical. In every department, we bring an engineering approach with layers of supervision and oversight from managers and highly qualified engineers. Our core services are broken down into the following primary categories: Primary Equipment, Secondary Equipment, Testing, Plumbing Services, Mechanical Services, Preventative Maintenance and Engineering Services. More information on our services below.

Primary Equipment

Centrifugal • Screw / Rotary • Absorption • Reciprocating • Packaged Units • Refrigeration • Cryogenic Freezers • Ultra-Low Temp Chambers • Air Compressors

Secondary Equipment

Boilers • Air Handlers • Vane Axial Fan • Speed Controls • Coils • Cooling Towers • Pumps • Controls • Air Compressors • Filters • House Pumps

Testing and Preventative Maintenance

Eddy Current Testing • Vibration Analysis • Oil Analysis • Refrigerant Analysis • Lithium Bromide Analysis • Water Analysis • Electrical Analysis • Overload Relay Testing • Thermography • Failure Analysis • Log Analysis • Laser Alignment • Sewer Gas Pressure Monitoring • Building Leakage • Duct Leakage • Plumbing Leakage • Balance Domestic Water System

Plumbing Services

Repair / Installation • Drain Cleaning • Jetter Services • Camera Inspection / Recording • Line Locater • Smoke Testing • Backflow Service • Sewage Ejectors • House Pumps • Grade Evaluating • Disinfecting Domestic Water Systems

Mechanical Services

Repair / Installation • Pipe Fitting • Welding • Rigging • Sheet Metal • Air/Water Balancing • Carbon Dioxide / Monoxide Control • Refrigerant Planning

Engineering Services

Due Diligence • Load Analysis • Expert Testifying • Energy Star Inspection • Life Expectancy Evaluation • Oncor's Energy Program • Retrofit Design

Company Information

TACLA004772C / M-40869

Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and RegulationP.O. Box 12157Austin, TX 78711(800) 803-9202  www.tdlr.texas.gov

Regulated by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners・P.O. Box 12078・Austin, TX 78711・(800) 845-6584  www.tsbpe.state.tx.us

Master Plumber:  Charles Womack, M-40869

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